Oyster Peptides

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cures all forms of chronic ailments/diseases such as stroke, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Cancer of all sorts, fibroid,kidney diseases, liver diseases, eye/joint diseases, infertility, erectile dysfunction,skin infection, and many

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  • Peptides are derived from proteins.
  • The basic unit of proteins is amino acids, when two or more amino acids are linked together they form peptides.
  • Proteins are broken down to peptides during digestions and peptides are finally broken down to amino acids.Angiotensin Enzyme Inhibitor (ACEI), it prevents this  kidney enzyme from producing angiotensin II that causes
  • 1.Reduces high blood  pressure (hypertension)
  • 2.Aid insulin resistance (diabetes) and kidney damage
    • It also calms the nerves
    • Prevents alcohol toxicity
    • Reduces hypercholesteremia(excess cholesterol in the body)
      • Post-trauma recovery


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